MLA 2013, Boston

Our last meeting was in MLA ’13 in Boston

The Public Services Section business meeting took place on Tuesday, May 7

PSS sponsored Integrating Our Expertise: Engaging Our Partners in Resources at the Bench or at the Point of Care. A contributed paper session  on Monday, May 6, Papers included:

  • Integrating Patient Education across the Continuum of Care: Linking Materials to the Electronic Medical Record, the Public Website, and Internal Resources and Tools. Author: Ruti Volk, AHIP
  • A System for Interdependency: A Quality Improvement Study. Authors: Aislinn Conway and Jacqui LeMay
  • An Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Design a Next-Generation, Evidence-Based Radiology Report. Authors: Jonathan B. Koffel, Brent Backhaus, Kenny Shores, John Riedl, Joseph A. Konstan, Dan Steinberger, Terry Adam, and Brandon Maus
  • Reverse Information Specialists in Context? Bringing Users Back into the Library by Creating Research and Innovation Centers and Customized Support and Tools. Authors: Jean P. Shipman, AHIP, FMLA, Peter Stevens Jones, AHIP, Abby L. Adamczyk, AHIP, Joan Marcotte Gregory, AHIP, Joan M. Stoddart, AHIP, and Shelli King

PSS  also co-sponsored two paper sessions.

International Clinical Librarian Conference 1: Quality Assurance for Clinical Librarians, Informationists, and Embedded Librarians, co-sponsored by Corporate Information Services Section and PSS and held Monday, May 6,.  Papers in this session:

  • Starting from Scratch: Establishing a Role for an Informationist on Rounds.  Authors: Alison Aldrich and Stephanie J. Schulte
  • The Impact of Library and Information Services on Patient-Care Outcomes: A Canadian Perspective.  Author:  Joan C. Bartlett
  • Converting Care to Currency: The Impact of UpToDate on Tests Avoided, Length of Stay, Time Saved, and Referrals Prevented in a Large UK Acute Hospital Trust. Author:  Jane Surtees
  • Measuring Value: A Survey for Assessing Our Impact.  Authors:  Jaime Friel Blanck, AHIP, Victoria H. Goode, Nancy K.Roderer, AHIP, Lori Rosman, Stella Seal, and Sue M. Woodson
  • Providing Expert Collaboration for the Development and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices. Authors: Rachel R. Walden, Jack Starmer, Robert Dittus, Zachary E. Fox, Melissa McPheeters, Tracy C. Shields, and Nunzia Bettinsoli Giuse, FMLA

Librarians at Work: Building a One Health Perspective   sponsored by the Veterinary Medical Libraries Section, and cosponsored by Public Services Section, African American Medical Librarians Alliance SIG, Institutional Animal Care and Use SIG, Library Marketing SIG, and New Members SIG.  This session was on Tuesday, May 7, Papers include:

  • Establishing an Integrated Study Resource for Veterinary Students: The Library and the “Study Landscape.” Author: Fiona J. L. Brown
  • Interprofessional Role of Librarians in Medical Students’ Specialty Selection Process. Authors: Sarah Cantrell and C. Scott Dorris
  •  Interprofessional Small Group Assignments for Medical and Pharmacy Students.  Authors: Heather A. McEwen, Michelle Cudnik, Kristin R. Baughman, Michael Hewit, and Lisa N. Weiss
  • From Bench to Bedside: Building Interprofessional Innovations. Authors:  Jeanne Marie LeBer, AHIP, Jean P. Shipman, AHIP, FMLA, Joan Marcotte Gregory, AHIP, and Alice I. Weber, AHIP
  • Animals, Humans, and Librarians: A Library’s Partnership Experience with the Institutional Review Board and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Authors:  Katie A. Prentice, AHIP, Angela E. Myatt, Luke Rosenberger, Christine S. Gaspard, and Eric Willman
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