MLA Annual Meeting Travel Stipend

PSS MLA Meeting Travel Stipend

The Public Services section offers a $500 travel stipend for the annual MLA meeting each year.  You must be a current member of PSS to apply. Applications must be received by March 15, 2016 and applicants will be notified by the end of March 2016.  The application directions are below.


MLA’S Public Services Section (PSS) now offers a stipend of $500 to assist a section member in attending the annual meeting who would otherwise have difficulty in doing so.  The hope is that the stipend increases professional contacts, projects, and involvement for the recipients, and expands the pool of active members of PSS.  In order to encourage additional participation, any member may receive this stipend one time in a 5 year period.


Must be a current member of PSS and MLA

May not have received the award within the past 5 years

Preferential selection will be given to applicants who document that they (in order of preference):

  • Are presenting a paper at a PSS section sponsored program
  • Are presenting a paper at any section program (content should be relevant to PSS members)
  • Are presenting a poster at the meeting (content should be relevant to PSS members)
  • Are a chair or member of a PSS committee
  • Have formal obligations at the MLA Annual Meeting relevant to PSS


  • MLA Conference registration fees
  • MLA conference continuing education course fees
  • Travel expenses (air fare, rail, or daily parking/transit fees)


The Recipient of the award will be determined by a jury made up of the Chair of PSS and at least two (2) other PSS members.


Stipend recipients will document their experiences at the MLA conference for the PSS mailing list by July 1 of each year.  An essay of 500-1000 words is sufficient, although greater length is fine.  Some possible themes: people you met, ideas you gained and implemented, or projects that grew out of these contacts.

Recipients are required to attend the PSS business meeting during the conference (unless there is a conflict with their presentation) and are expected to attend the PSS sponsored program when possible or (in case of conflicts) other programming relevant to PSS activities.

Please email completed application to the current section chair. Lisa Traditi,